“ShagoVita” footwear fashion show in Gomel!


September is approaching… And for moms and dads that means it’s time to get their children ready for school! Everything’s in order: notebooks, albums, bags ... What’s left? Yes! Shoes and clothes!

Moms, dads and their children!

August 6th in Gomel was enlightened by a unique event, organized by “ShagoVita” - the #1 manufacturer of children's footwear in Belarus! On Saturday at 11 AM everybody gathered on the premises of “ShagoVita” company outlet (Sovetskaya, 97) to witness a fashion show of the fall collection created by the Belarusian clothes and footwear manufacturers.

Little models from Crystal Nymph Centre of Fashion and Beauty showed the audience children’s shoes and boots from “ShagoVita” company, as well as they demonstrated the clothes by companies “Kupalinka”, “Belle Bimbo”, “Panda”, “Kalinka”, “Eliz”, “Baranovichi garment factory” and “Mozyr garment factory Nadeks”.

Thanks to “ShagoVita” presentation, moms and dads managed to find clothes and footwear for their kids and also had time to enjoy the fashion show!

During the breaks the audience was entertained by the vocal studio “Solovushka”.

“ShagoVita” is nice-looking and high-quality children's footwear, elaborated in the way to meet the shapes of small feet. Children are comfortable to walk in these shoes. We all know, youngsters spend a lot of time outside, so it’s crucially important they have quality and cozy footwear on them.

Children's shoes should be, first and foremost, comfortable, and “ShagoVita” items are just that way. They have been produced at Mogilev shoe factory for 30 years already, and during this time the factory has established itself as a quality and reliable footwear manufacturer. Tens of thousands of children grew up wearing Mogilev’s footwear, and nowadays former kids turned into successful and confident adults.

To date, there are 2 “ShagoVita” company outlets in Gomel: Sovetskaya, 97-4 and Gagarina, 46.

“ShagoVita” - step out in life!

Photographer: Dmitry Yushkevich

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